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Six Step Process

1. Introductory meeting / conversation with our agent

In order to get a scholarship or be admitted to any academic institution, the first step is to schedule a meeting or conversation with one of our agents. This is completely free and we encourage everyone interested to contact us.

We will explain the process in detail, learn about your ambitions & goals, and discuss how RSI can help you to continue your education abroad. We warmly encourage parents and other family members to be a part of this meeting as we are aware that this is a big life decision for every student/athlete.

If our work model and terms are accepted by the client, RSI will help you to prepare for the application process and make a timeline for further enrollment steps.

2. Gathering the necessary documentation and video material

This is a phase where a student/athlete needs to be very proactive. You will need to collect school transcripts, personal documentation and make a sports highlight video (if you are an athlete). Some schools may require letters or recommendations and an English proficiency test score, though many institutions waived this requirement and you can receive a great scholarship even if you are not a fluent speaker.

RSI agent will be available for any kind of consultation during this phase and will advise you what to do to complete your list of requirements. As the list of necessary items for application/scholarship can vary from one institution to another, it is important to follow the advice of RSI team. The sooner we can get your portfolio ready, the quicker we can help you enroll at the desired institution.

3. Promotion of student-athlete and negotiation of scholarship

This is where the RSI team is doing most of the work! After we receive all materials required from the client, we will build a portfolio and do assessment of potential scholarship. RSI will reach out to a number of partnering institutions in order to get the best scholarship offers for the client.

During this stage, we focus on all criteria that the client emphasized during prior conversations with our agent, such as location, major, sports level, costs and other. We understand that each student has individual priorities and we strive to find the school that will best satisfy our client's needs.

4. Presentation of offers and interests of schools / coaches

After we explore all available options, RSI agent will present interests and offers to the client. We will discuss all possibilities to help you identify the best fit for your academic/athletic development abroad. We will share some of our own personal experience as student-athletes because we walked in your shoes before.

Choosing the best option is crucial and that's why we help you weigh all pros and cons. RSI members serve to provide all consultation necessary to make a right decision and help with paperwork later on, but the final decision is always on the student and his/her family.

5. Application process and admission procedure for the chosen institution

The application process usually comes after you pick your desired institution, but in some cases you will need to fill out a certain number of applications in order to get an enrollment/scholarship offer. This often depends on weather you are applying for academic or athletic scholarship as RSI agent will explain in introductory conversation.

Either way, one of our staff members will help you to complete the application and other enrollment procedures on time.

6. VISA procedure

Obtaining a student VISA is the last step of the process. VISA procedure for the most countries is simple and doesn't take more than few weeks. RSI team can help you fill out a VISA application or you can do it on your own.