Rising Stars International
Study Abroad


The main service of Rising Stars International is to help you get academic or/and athletic scholarship to study abroad. As former student-athletes who obtained their bachelor degrees in the United States, we primarily specialize in securing scholarships for US boarding schools and colleges, but we also partner with high schools and universities from Canada, Europe and Asia.

If you need professional assistance in finding a school, receiving a scholarship, meeting all admissions requirements & deadlines and getting a student VISA for desired country of study, RSI team will be happy to help you!

Application Process

High School/University Application

If you have chosen a school or university where you want to continue your education but you struggle with the application process, RSI team is here for you! Some schools have very simple admissions requirements, while others could have very complex enrollment procedures and you might find yourself lost in the proces.

Our agents helped hundreds of students to apply, submit all necessary items for enrollment and meet the deadlines for admission. We prepare our candidates for an interview (video call) with the school official and assist with the paperwork. If you need to prepare for English standardized tests, such as Duolingo, TOEFL or SAT, we work with several language schools that can professionally help.

Student VISA Application

VISA process and health insurance

Whether you need help to complete the student VISA application or just have a few questions about it, don't hesitate to contact us. Getting a student VISA is mandatory for most students/athletes wishing to study abroad and every country has a set of documentation that candidates should prepare prior to receiving a VISA.

RSI can help you to complete the application for student VISA , gather the necessary paperwork and prepare you for an interview in person, if the interview is required. We also advise our clients to purchase adequate health insurance as costs of medical treatments could be very expensive in certain countries.

Visit Us

Educational fairs

In order to choose a school to continue your education abroad, you might need more than numbers online and your family might want to speak with the school representative in person. During the years of working with clients from many different countries, we realized how important it is for students to learn about schools they are considering and hear impressions first hand.

RSI agency is partnering with numerous educational institutions around the world whose representatives will be happy to meet you and answer any of your questions. We participate in and organize educational fairs where numerous high school and university staff members represent their institutions and you can receive all the information you need. Our educational fairs are completely free for all students/athletes interested in studying abroad and we encourage you to visit us!

Show Your Skills

Showcases and camps

As former student-athletes we know that getting the right exposure to college coaches is crucial for receiving an athletic scholarship. Every coach likes to see recruits in person or game tape from a showcase with a number of talented players. One of the best ways to get on the coach's radar is to participate in showcases & camps college coaches and scouts visit.

We organize showcases where young student-athletes can show their skills and earn a scholarship. We record the games and send tapes to college coaches, while some of them come to recruit players on spot. RSI advises all student-athletes to participate in our showcases completely for free and test their chances to get athletic scholarships.

We participate in various sports camps internationally and coach young student-athletes. Our passion is to help young players improve their game and share our experience of studying & playing overseas. RSI welcomes everyone interested to contact us on sports camps to find out more about our services.